Melody Lanes

Job Applicants

Applicants must be:
*Motivated to Learn and work
*Have Reliable Transportation
*Like Children and Crowds
*Weekends are mandatory
*Flexible Schedule

Job Application Process
Welcome and thank you for considering Patel’s Kingston Lanes for your employment

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Carefully read this cover letter to decide if you really want to be an enthusiastic member of Patel’s Kingston Lanes.
  2. Fill out the application (make sure all the information is complete and legible and that you have at least one reference that is not a relative or a friend), then personally hand it to one of the managers. Do not just drop it off. Keep this cover letter and carefully read it before your interview.
  3. If your application passes the mangers review, you will be invited to come back for an interview. Please dress appropriately (Please do not call asking the status of your application, thank you).
  4. Upon completion of your interview, you will be called back in a few days.
  5. If you are hired, you will be required to go through our training program and complete all necessary paperwork prior to being put on the work schedule.

Here’s what we expect from you:

  1. You will be friendly to each person that visits the Patel’s Kingston Lanes by making eye contact, smiling and greeting him/her as if they were your own personal guests.
  2. You will be helpful to your guests, fellow team members and management by going out of your way to help them every opportunity that you get.
  3. You will maintain a neat and clean appearance for your work area and maintain proper personal grooming.
  4. You will be responsible for your work schedules, you will come in the days that you are scheduled to work and be on time for your shifts.

We provide a positive work experience through training and reinforcement of the understanding and delivery of service to your fellow team members and guests. We prefer to promote from within the ranks. All promotions and pay raises are based on this ability to provide these services to our guest and fellow team members as well as management.


644 E. Chester
Kingston, NY 12401